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Setting the Standard Higher


The exclusive agency for accurate
assessments, evidence-based
treatment and interactive advocacy


Psychological Evaluations- psychological evaluations can answer questions about school problems, work problems, and problems in everyday life

Psychosexual Evaluations-If you think your child or your client may have been sexually abused an evaluation can help answer your questions during this time of fear and uncertainty and provide the next step in getting your child the follow-up help he or she will need

Diagnostic Assessments- sometimes an individual has had a lot of different diagnoses at different times from different people and would like a clear picture of what is currently going on

Parental Fitness Evaluations-parents who are trying to complete a case plan and reunify with their children in DFCS custody will need a parental fitness evaluation. Parental fitness evaluations can be intimidating. At Standard of Care, you will be treated kindly and with respect at all times.

Psychoeducational Evaluations-for the student who is not performing well in school, a psychoeducational evaluation will answer questions that will help get your child back on track

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Getting help can seem scary, but someone once said, the difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks is how you use them. At Standard of Care, we believe just that. Let us help you. We’d be honored to set the standard higher, just for you.

Competency Evaluations-for the attorney who needs to determine if their client is competent to stand trial

Clinical Supervision-who warms the sun? clinicians need support and nurturance in order to effectively help others. Whether you are a student or a seasoned clinician, clinical supervision at Standard of Care will focus on your strengths and help you work to your potential

Juvenile Sex Offender Evaluations-for the attorney or provider who needs an accurate individualized evaluation for a client pre or post adjudication

Brief Therapy/ Cognitive behavioral therapy/DBT skills training/Trauma Focused CBT-everyone has problems, when your problems are getting in the way of you being the best you can be, therapy is a great way to get back to yourself or to be a better you. If your child seems to be sad or angry or distracted, therapy can help in so many ways

Standard of Care Psychological Services advocates for those affected by severe emotional and behavioral problems. Too often, standards are status quo; however, with issues as sensitive as those faced by children, families, schools, and communities, only the highest standard will do.

We look forward to serving you with our full spectrum of services outlined in this packet for children, families, DBHDD agencies, government, and attorneys. WE look forward to collaborating with you! Remember, Standard of Care Psychological Services, LLC is the exclusive agency for accurate assessments, evidence based treatment and interactive advocacy.

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